The 6th Sense of Greece!

Some people say that the 6th sense refers to our Extra Sensory Perception while for others it still remains a mystery even though we all have it. Whichever the case, it is considered the most important sense of all.




We have established that Greece appeals to all senses. But does it have a 6th sense? What is the country’s most important element, the core and heartbeat of its past, present and future?

Its people!



Greeks are intense, lively and eccentric, celebrating life vividly, partying until dawn in Athens, Santorini and Mykonos, in every island, city and village throughout the country.


They are passionate about everything…enjoying coffee, homemade meals with olive oil and feta cheese, watching soccer with friends and singing their sorrows away.

Full of life and joy, they are outgoing, friendly, hospitable, generous, loving and forgiving, making life-long friendships.


Greeks are traditional, authentic and family oriented…still believing in values, ethics and morals.

They are emotional, expressive, imaginative…even theatrical at times.

Proud of their history, cultural heritage and ancestors, inventive and innovative

Hard workers, competitive yet cooperativefragile, yet resourceful!

A nation that has made the word “Philotimo” impossible to translate (we could say it is a combination of willingness, enthusiasm and generosity together).




The spirit that keeps on going like the eternal flame of the Olympics…Everlasting

THEY are Greece’s 6th sense!!


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