Train Itineraries to the Lands of Greece

Connecting the azure sea with the highest mountains, the sounds of the suburbs to the silence of the country side, a train journey through the lands of Greece is the ultimate choice for an escape in history, tradition and the blessings of nature itself.

Train Itineraries

Cycladia has chosen for you the most scenic route from the village of Oinoi in Viotia to the village of Dikaia in the northern part of Evros.

…Hap on and enjoy the ride!



At the entrance of the village you may see the remains of a historic “Fryktoria”. According to Aeschylus the fall of Troy was communicated to Mycenae with fires that were lit on the top of 8 mountains including “Kithairon” of Inoi. “Fryktoria” was the transmitting signal, the fluctuation of fire at night, or the coloured smoke during the day conveying the message.



Wander through the scenic settlement of Krya and marvel the stone theatre, the ancient springs of Lethe and Mnimosyne at Erkyna River, the ruins of Trofonion Oracle, the Byzantine castle, the chapel of Prophet Elias and St. Jerusalem.



Stroll through the stunning aesthetic forest of Tithorea with an altitude ranging from 500 m. to 1200 m., covering 200 hectares. The forest is blessed with geomorphological interest, historical sites and artistic monuments.



Visit the rare Monument of Kazarmas, the churches of St. Georgios, St. Sofia, St. Paraskevi, St. Nikolaos and St. Vasilios as well as the archaeological sites of Lianokladi and Amouri.



Enter the ancient battlefield where the battle between Julius Caesar and Pompeii took place in 48 B.C., a battle field now blessed with abundant natural beauty.


Agiokampos, Larisa

Dive into the pool of cultural grace, visit the museums, the art galleries, the medieval fortress, the Alcazar Park, the Municipal Art Gallery, the Archeologically Museum and the theatre, the emerald valley of Agia, the natural springs, the scenic Stomio and the stunningly beautiful beaches of Agiokampos.


Litohoro, Katerini

Graciously greeting Mount Olympus Katerini is a beauty in itself. During the summer, visit the resort villages of Lithohoro and Leptokaria and enjoy some mountain climbing while during the winter season delight in skiing at the ski centre of Elatohori. Stroll through the Pisodromo Street with the shops and cafes and make sure to try the dry nuts, a local product worth tasting.



This small settlement is the transit hub for those who wish to go straight to Veria and maybe visit the “city on the water”, Edessa. Any guide to these regions is not enough to cover their splendour. Just peruse through the blessed nature.



You have reached the second capital of Greece, the historic city of Thessaloniki. Walk its historical streets and visit the White Tower, the Palace & Arch of Galerius, Rotonda, the church of Agia Sofia, Aristotelous square, the Roman Agora, Geni Tzami and Modiano market, feel the vibrant city life of a city that never sleeps and maybe hop on a bus and escape for a few days to the enchanting region of Halkidiki.


Lake Kerkini, Serres

Lose yourself in a cornucopia of sights, from the top of its mountains to the verdant forests, the majestic lake of Kerkini and splendour of the Alistrati Cave.



Witness a miracle of nature, visit river Nestos, the skiing centre of Mt. Falakro, the Springs of Agia Varvara and the paradisiacal forest village of Elatia.



Pick your colour from the thousand colours of Xanthi, also known as the city of Thousand Colors, wander around the old town, visit the Folklore Museum and dance the night away at the city’s central square.


Pomak, Komotini

Visit the Pomak villages and taste the distinguished Pomak cuisine.



Meet the beautiful seaside city of Alexandroupoli and its Lighthouse trademark. Visit the neighbouring town of Trainoupoli and Feres, indulge in the “Hana” baths, and go as far as Evros’  Delta. Take a tour across the archaeological sites of Mesimvria Zone and Maroneia, Agios Charalambos, ancient Ismara, the cave church of Agioi Theodoroi and Kirki’s villa.



Pythio is situated between Didymoteicho and Orestiada. Visit the castle of Pythio and marvel its impregnable walls.


Nea Orestias

Orestiada is a major cultural, administrative and commercial centre. Make sure to explore its historic corners, visit the Folklore and History Museum, the Folklore collection in Nea Vyssa and the valley of Ardas.



You have reached your final stop. The scenic village of Dikaia is the end of your journey or the beginning to a new expedition to the wondrous destinations of Greece.

We hope you enjoyed the ride…stay tuned for the most inspiring travel pitches from Cycladia!

Image Credits
Lianokladi: (by Matteo Nebiacolombo)
Palaiofarsalos: (by Giorgos Rodinos)
Nea Orestias:


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