Hybrids, the New Generation at the Onassis Cultural Center

Art and technology come together under the roof of the Onassis Cultural Center to introduce a new breed, the Hybrid. Discover what happens when mixing diverse media and genres to create new forms of artistic expression and how human intelligence can become a work of art.


hybrids exhibition


Organized by the Onassis cultural center in collaboration with Arts Electronica, from Linz, Austria, the Hybrid exhibition has opened its doors to the public and will remain open for visits until January the 15th of 2017. Take this opportunity to experience a new form of art combining technology, pop culture and activism in the most spectacular way.


hybrids exhibition onassis cultural center


Witness the composition of new energy forms, meet your digital persona through the world of the social media and observe the revelation of digital art through exceptional artistic works, performances, exhibitions and laboratories.


hybrids exhibition onassis cultural center


Curated by Manuela Naveau, this spectacular exhibition features 16 astonishing manifestations of artistic stimulation. From the exhibition setting to the actual exhibits guests are welcome to experience the hybrid phenomenon throughout. Marvel the displays, join experiments and participate in works in process.


hybrids exhibition onassis cultural center


Explore the concept of Hybridism, how it affects our lives, how it fits in the digital era and how it has opened a new perspective on all forms of art.

Prepare to be astonished, to wonder, to interact and react, to question and respect the artistic evolution of the modern era.


hybrids exhibition 2016


From Cycladia, we strongly urge you to visit the Hybrids Exhibition and truly immerse in this phenomenal artistic digital experience.


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