Sip & Nibble as you Bill & Coo in Mykonos

Luxury, design and unrivaled comfort meet under the open sky of Mykonos at the seductive Bill & Coo boutique hotel, only a stone’s throw away from Mykonos Chora.

Sip & Nibble

A romantic sanctuary that invites you to sip & nibble on gourmet inspirations as you bill & coo in the most seductive of atmospheres.

Sip on the divine blend of tropical cocktails and chilled music notes at the Bill & Coo tranquil pool lounge in view of the dazzling sea.

Nibble on culinary perfections created by the renowned chef Athinagoras Kostakos and let your gustatory senses discover a new world of essences.

“Bill & Coo” in expansive suites as you gaze at the startling bay of Megali Ammos and the mesmerizing sunset.


Welcome to Bill & Coo!

Relax in the most romantic suites of Mykonos, plunge in the sleek infinity pool, lounge with sumptuous cocktails and relish scrumptious meals at Bill & Coo’s exquisite gourmet restaurant.

Relish Bill & Coo

Prepare for a teasing journey of flavours, for explorations and discoveries of secret recipes, ancient mixtures and modern fusions, all crafted to please your personal cravings.

Attend a unique range of Gastronomy projects, from the Far East to the Mediterranean with a twist of Scandinavian tradition and molecular simplicity.

Try Bill & Coo

You have been challenged to meet this season’s gastronomic trends.

Dare taste a true gustatory evolution!

Follow Cycladia’s route to the island of Mykonos and pass the gates to Bill & Coo.

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