Saronic Weekend Chill

Set sail for an easy, breezy, getaway and escape the heat of the week. In less than a few hours leave the hustle and bustle behind and dive into the sparkling Saronic Gulf. Pack your bags, your suntan lotion and pick your “weekend chill” from Cycladia’s list.


1. Salamina – The historic island

Set Sail: From the port of Perama in 10 min. or from Piraeus in 20 min.

Splash Around: Kanakia, Peristeria, Giala, Satirli, Kaki Vigla, Selinia, Ajax Club

Drop by: The cave of Euripides, the Windmills, the Kingdom of Ajax, Faneromeni Monastery, Archaeological & Folk Museums, The Euripidian theatre

Nibble on: Platetsi & Kougoulouari pies, fresh fish & seafood, roast coq-au-vin, fried shrimp with feta, semolina custard pie, squash pie, carrot pie and pancakes

Bring back: Must-rollsSalamina

2. Aegina -The Pistachio Island

Set Sail: From the port of Piraeus in 35 min.-1h 15 min.

Splash Around: Agia Marina, Marathonas, Souvala, Vagia, Perdika

Drop by: The temple of Aphaia, Palaiochora, Kolona, Agios Nektarios Monastery, Moni islet

Nibble on: Octopus with pasta, lamb with pistachio crust, pistachio pate, cuttlefish in wine

Bring back: PistachiosAegina

3. Hydra – The jet-set haven

Set Sail: From the port of Piraeus in 1h 30 min.

Splash Around: Mandraki, Spilia, Vlychos, Kaminia, Bisti, Agios Nikolaos

Drop by: The Ecclesiastical Museum, the Merchant Marine Academy, Hydra Museum

Nibble on: Fresh fish & seafood

Bring back: Marzipans and wine from the monastery of Prophet EliasHydra

4. Agistri – The diamond of the Argosaronic Gulf

Set Sail: From the port of Piraeus in 50 min.-2 hours

Splash Around: Megalochori, Skala, Dragonera, Aponissos, Chalikiada

Drop by: Skala, Megalochori, Limenaria, Metochi, church of Agioi Anargyroi

Nibble on: Fresh fish & seafood with pasta

Bring back: Sweet preserves and handmade pastaAgistri

5. Poros – The Island of the lemon blossoms

Set Sail: From the port of Piraeus in 1-2h 30min.

Splash Around: Russian Bay, Vagionia, Mikro Neorio, Love’s Bay, Askeli, Monastiri

Drop by: The Archaeological & Folklore Museums, Library, Town, Poseidon’s Remnants, The lemon forest

Nibble on: Pasta with lobster, anchovies, spaghetti al pesto with octopus

Bring back: Amygdalota, local wine, olive oil, essential oils, embroideriesPoros

6. Methana – The island of Spas

Set Sail: From the port of Piraeus in 2 hours or ride a car from Galatas in 30 min.

Splash Around: Limnionas, Kounoupitsa, Almyra, Ai Giorgis beach, Saint Nicholas and Palaiokastro.

Drop by: the Volcano, Vromolimni’s Hot Springs, Peristerion Cave, the medieval castle of Faviere, the hill of Agios Konstantinos & Eleni

Nibble on: Fresh seafood delicacies

Bring back: Local WineMethana

7. Spetses – The Island of fragrances

Set Sail: From the port of Piraeus in 2-3 hours

Splash Around: Agios Mamas, Agioi Anargyroi, Scholes beach, Zogeria, Vrellos beach, Agia Paraskevi

Drop by: Bouboulina Museum, Museum of Spetses, the Lighthouse at the old harbour

Nibble on: Fish a la Spetsiota, marzipans

Bring back: HoneySpetses

Fancy a break away for this weekend?

Saronic-scape with Cycladia and chill!

Image Credits:
Salamina: ©Lampridis Dimitris
Aegina 1:©
Aegina 2: ©Alexander Berga –
Hydra: ©
Spetses: ©

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