Greek Words & Phrases

The heritage of the Greek language is vast!
It is a “rich” language that boasts samples of written documents dating back to the 15th century B.C.

Besides, it is no wonder that the total number of people who speak Greek as their first or second language is about 25 million!

Greek words & phrases

So, for those that are not included in the above number, Cycladia’s team has prepared a very useful post for your next visit to Greece!

Popular Greek Words & Phrases

Take a breath and start practicing your tongue!

Welcome: Kalos Ilthes (or Kalos orises)
Hello: Yia or Yia sou
How are you?: Ti kaneis? (ti kanis?)
Fine, thank you: Kala, efkharisto
Please: Parakalo
What is your name?: Pos se lene?
My name is…: Me lene…
Where are you from?: Apo pou ise?
I am from…: Ime apo…
How much is this?: Poso kani afto?
Nice meeting you: Kharika gia ti gnorimia
Good Morning: Kalimera
Good Night: Kalinihta
Good Afternoon: Kalo Apogevma
Good Evening: Kalispera / Kalo vradi
Goodbye: Andio
Thank you: Efkharisto
You are welcome: Parakalo
Sorry: Sighnomi
Excuse me: Me singhoris
Bon Appetite: Kali orexi
Help: Voithia
Stop: Stamata
I love you: S’ agapo
I like you: Mou aresis

The greek alphabet

Famous Greek… English words

And…perhaps you know Greek language better from what you think…
Have you ever noticed how many English, French, German words have Greek roots?
Let’s see some from Alpha to Omega!

Alphabet: alphavitos
Blasphemy: Vlasphemia
Catholic: Catholicos
Democracy: dimokratia
Ethos: Ithos
Fantasy: fantasia
Harmony: Harmonia
Idea: idea
Kilo: kilo
Logic: Logici
Museum: Mousio
Nemesis: Nemesi
Organic: organicos
Philosophy: philosophia
Rythm: rythmos
Symptom: symptom
Therapy: Therapia
Uranium: Uranio
Xenophobe: xenophobia
Hyper: Hyper
Zodiac: Zodiacos

And the list counts for many more…

English greek words

Famous Ancient Greek Phrases

Ancient expressions & quotes that are remain in history and wearer until today to tease out:

Aien aristevin: Always go for excellence, Diomidis
Eureka!: I have found it! Archimedes
Pan Metron Aristo: Having measures is always good, Cleovoulos
Pathi Mathos: In any bad experience there is always a lesson, Aeschylus
Molon lave!: Come and take them for yourselves, King Leonidas of Sparta
Epea pteroeda: Winged words, Omirus
Mi mou tous kiklous táratte: Do not disturb my circles, Archimedes
Tà pánta ree kaì oudèn ménei: Everything flows, nothing stands still, Heraclitus
Gnothi s’afton: Always know yourself better. Socrates
Eph agonizesthe: Always to struggle with honest manner
Nous igees en somatic igee: A healthy spirit presupposes a healthy body

Famous greek quotes

Just a hint to introduce you to the magical world of the Greek language…

Most useful greek words

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