Kimolos Island Uncovered

I am speaking to you from Greece where fall is as sweet as spring! So, after summer holidays on a party or cosmopolitan island, there is no better “therapy” than escaping to a quiet hideaway to relax and have the last sips of the magic filter to keep you going throughout the winter ahead.

Kimolos Island Greece

So, “Kimolos, Milos, Nisyros, where??”- I asked myself.
“Kimolos! Why not?! ”

Vacations in Kimolos Greece

“Kimolos in Greek means chalk”, a friend told me, and I was wondering how could an island be named like this. But the sight of the island’s white cliffs soon gave me the answer while its Cycladic landscape in combination with the volcanic grounds were inexplicably alluring me…

Kimolos best sights

We walked through the paved alleys of Hora with the characteristic Cycladic whitewashed, stone-built houses with blue windows, the castles, the picturesque churches of 16th century … that gives out the authentic aspect of Greece that has not been corrupted with the passing of time and is a carrier of sheer hope & happiness!

Kimolos travel guide

Apart from Hora, one will unravel a lot of beautiful secrets in the rest of the island’s villages and admire the scenic settings, unique beaches, traditional delicacies, archeological sites and, of course, the ruins of ancient Kimolos. This place is perfect for hiking and trekking through picturesque paths with incomparable views that will surely be impressed in your memory and your “camera”!!!

Best beaches Kimolos

When the time comes for bathing suits, beach umbrellas and diving, choosing will end up such a difficult task since all beaches of this “white” island stand out for their unspoiled beauty. Endless beaches with gold or white sand, light blue or emerald green waters…just the ideal choice for uninterrupted relaxation and sunbathing. I visited the beach of Mavrospilia, Agioklima, Prassa and the cave of Gerakas… All of them so different and so beautiful at the same time… just impossible to choose only one!

Holidays in Kimolos

If you are into Greek culture and tradition, if you are looking for a hideaway for your dream holidays or if you want to wander around the alternative aspect of Cyclades, Kimolos is waiting for you!
It is definitely waiting for me again shortly…

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