New hotel Athens

A New hotel in Athens gets in the spotlight!!!

New Hotel Athens

New luxury design hotel in Athens

The famous Brazilian designers Humberto and Fernando Campana and the art collector Dakis Joannou give a magic retouch in an old city hotel in Athens.

hotel in Athens

The Brazilian “artists” create a new hotspot in the heart of Athens, maintaining its previous aesthetics in a smart way.

Dining in Athens hotel

Harmonically merging old with new features by combining different materials, the Campana Brothers have designed something unique…contemporary yet vintage styled.

New hotel Athens

“Y”oung “E”nthusiastic “S”eductive, “Yes Hotels” group is always innovative. The new room types have 3 special themes, all inspired from the authentic Greek culture.

New hotel in Athens

The effect of Greek folklore tradition for Karagiozis, a shadow play performance very popular in Greece in the past years, predominates in the first room type…

Accommodation in Athens Greece

The second room theme has come up from the Greek traditional blue – white evil eye charm…

Accommodation in Athens

The third thematic section features vintage postcards from the historic city of Athens to travel visitor back in time!

Rooms in Athens

New Hotel is not just a well renovated part of Athens’ history …it is sheer art!

New hotel in the center of Athens

Photos by: Yes Hotels & New Hotel Athens

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