Top 9 Greek Breweries

Greece is principally famous for its exceptional olive oil, the agricultural products, its unique Mediterranean cuisine and its rich history dating back to Ancient Times. The one thing left out of the list is the domestic production of high quality beers, a section that fairly claims its participation in the “Quality Greek Products” list!

Best beers in Greece

Drink Responsibly

The history of beer is vast and beer lovers around the globe just countless! Travel with us in this hidden part of Greek tradition and be a Greek beer lover too!

The best breweries and microbreweries in Greece:

Craft is a genuine example of success. A small brewery, aiming exclusively at quality and not quantity, produces only 6 unique types of beer full of aromas and flavor. The smoked Craft beer is just excellent!

Brewery in Greece

Craft Beer

Royal, Epos, Pale Ale Special & Real Ale bitter, four distinct varieties coming from Corfu Island (Ionian Sea), all exuding an aristocratic aroma that perfectly suits this magic island created by a small sized but modern brewery.

Drinking beer in Greece

Corfu Beer

The two varieties of “Piraiki Microbrewery” are the perfect outcome of tradition and technology combination, leaving the best impression to those who taste it. After 6 months of maturity, the blond pils with its elegant perfume or the brown Pale Ale with its fruity flavor are ready to enchant you.

Famous beers from Greece

Piraiki Beer

An organic beer which originates in Rethymno, Crete Island, with fresh authentic taste. This small brewery produces blond and black beer with an elegant aroma of hops and malt, leaving a sweet taste in the mouth.

Rethymnian brewery

Brinks Beer

Fix Beer has been served in Greece since 1864, having acquired thousands of fans. The brewery that produces Fix also produces the organic B29 beer worthy of your attention.

Beers from Greece

Fix Beer

Macedonia Thrace brewery produces 4 varieties of beers including the leading Vergina Premium, Weiss and Red, which are 100% Greek products. Since 1999, the legendary Macedonian brewery exports beers abroad and has gained a great number of fans worldwide.

Greek export beer

Vergina Beer

The Athenian Brewery S.A. is one of the largest breweries in the country with the famous Alpha beer, exclusively made of Greek barley, popular among beer fans due to its light taste.

Beers in Greece

Alpha Beer

Microbrewery Septem is a new addition in the history of Greek beer stealing the spotlight with its fresh, non-pasteurized quality beer.

Microbreweries in Greece

Septem Beer

Its rich aroma of hops and slightly spicy flavor, makes Neda from Messenia one of the favorite Microbreweries.

Authentic greek bier

Neda Beer

Stin Ygia sas!!! (Cheers)

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3 Responses to Top 9 Greek Breweries

  1. Ange T Kenos says:

    Fix. Alpha. Vergina. Craft. So many great beers, but all behind THE best beer – MYTHOS. We tasted every possible beer when we visited our Patrida but MYTHOS won hands down. Back in Australia I buy MYTHOS because even my non beer loving wife enjoys that magical taste. Me, having served in the Australian Navy, and having travelled and drunk widely, I KNOW a GREAT beer. than you MYTHOS and thank you to our patrida for creating you

  2. George boulukos says:

    You forgot the best. Spartii beer,,,,,,

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