Private Islands in Greece

Sometimes I wonder if there is a person who would not like to have his own island! Without a doubt, the answer is no! Everyone would surely like to have their own seaside paradise for their private vacations!

Private islands in Greece

Private islands in Greece

In Greece there are countless islands attracting millions of tourists every year. The number goes way up to more than 2000 islands, including both uninhabited or completely unknown islets and islands worldwide popular . There are also two islands that belong to two very important shipowner families and are the most famous private islands in Greece.

So, let’s meet the private mysterious heavens of the Mediterranean!
Aristotle Onassis, the greek legend, in 1963 was enchanted by a small island in the Ionian Sea, right next to Lefkada Island, named Scorpios. He bought the island and turned it into his family’s private getaway.

Skorpios island in Greece

Skorpios Island

Spetsopoula…a wonderful small island, a green paradise, next to Spetses Island in the Saronic Gulf, which was acquired in 1965 by the famous shipowner Niarchos and family.

Small islands in Greece

Spetsopoula Island

Located right across Skyros Island in Sporades Complex, Skyropoula Islet, featuring private beautiful beaches, belongs to Stelios Hatziioannou, owner of EasyJet.

Uninhabited islands in Greece

Skiropoula Island

Atokos, near Ithaca island in the Ionian Sea, belongs to another well known shipowner family. During summer private boats are allowed to sail around it, which gives visitors a unique opportunity to experience moments of endless relaxation in the crystal clear waters of the island.

Greece private islands

Atokos Island

Revmatonisi is a small island of 300 m2 near Antiparos and Dokos, very close to Hydra Island, and belongs to Goulandris family.

Unknown islands of Greece

Revmatonisi Island

The list of small, unknown paradises does not end here!
Petalioi are a complex of islands in the southern Evian Gulf comprising of 10 uninhabited islands waiting to be explored.

Private islands in Greece

Petalioi Island

Madouri, Patroklos, Rinia of Skyros, Skorpidi of Levkada, Soros of Ehinades, Christiana and many more will surely captivate you with their magic essence and will make you feel like you are in heaven right in the heart of the azure blue Greek Sea!

Greek uninhabited islands

Discover secret sides of Greece

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