A walk to remember…in Athens

You have just arrived to the city of Athens and you are already overwhelmed by the things you must do and the places you must see.

Athens districts

Cycladia has planned for you a walk through history, through ancient and modern Athens, through the past and the present. Prepare to feel, taste, smell and capture the essence of Athens as you lose yourself amidst its picturesque neighborhoods…as you take a walk to remember!

1. Monastiraki


(Image Credits: deviantart.com)

Monastiraki is the all-time classic district of Athens. Walk along its narrow streets which are filled with vendors of all kinds, tiny tourist shops, authentic Greek food diners, alternative cafes and bars, hang out in its vibrant square and continue onto Ifaistou Street and the flea market where you can find all kinds of treasures.

2. Psyrri


(Image Credits: Pinterest, Stella Stefanidou) 

If you are the bohemian type, you will definitely love the neighborhood of Psyrri where street art and culture meet the alternative night life of Athens with its artsy bars and exceptional restaurants evoking an atmosphere of a bygone era.

3. Agia Eirini

agia eirini athens

(Image Credits: news.gtp.gr)

Follow the food trail of street food and the lively tunes from the upbeat bars, celebrate being young or feeling young in the hottest neighborhood of Athens.

4. Plaka

plaka athens

(Image Credits: todayifoundout.com)

Plaka is the epitome of cult, a neighborhood that enlivens the senses through the paths of nostalgia. Let your soul feel up with historic moments and memories as you pass through the narrow alleys, the neoclassic buildings with the fuchsia boungavilleas, the traditional taverns and cafés, sing along to the accordion tunes and discover the city’s well-hidden past.

5. Anafiotika

anafiotika athens

(Image Credits: en.protothema.gr)

As a picture taken from an island in the Cyclades, the district of Anafiotika will leave you breathless with its picturesque setting, the white-washed houses with the blue windows and an ambiance oozing romance.

6. Thiseio

thiseio athens

(Image Credits: athensguide.com) 

Whichever way you look, you are surrounded by history, by stylish cafes, bars and restaurants. Whichever time you visit, the neighborhood is alive, with street musicians and vendors selling all kinds of arts & crafts. Add to that the open air cinema Cine Thission, the Herakleidon Museum, the Athens Observatory, the neoclassical buildings and the artsy stores and enjoy a walk through history.

7. Gazi

gazi athens

(Image Credits: newsonly.gr)

Meet the hottest nightspot in Athens featuring restaurants, café, bars and night clubs for all preferences. Whether you wish to enjoy some Greek meze in an authentic Greek tavern, visit an alternative art gallery or listen to your favorite rock, swing, retro, pop or Greek music, this is the place to be.

8. Filoppapou Hill

Filoppapou Hill

(Image Credits: bugbog.com)

Follow the paved paths, and dirt roads all the way to the Filoppapou monument and enjoy the most magnificent views to the Acropolis, the Herodeion and the flickering lights that light up the city of Athens.

9. Mount Lycabettus

Mount Lycabettus

(Image Credits: ellada365.com)

Other than a famous open air amphitheater hosting major concerts and events Lycabettus mountain is the best place for romantic walks as it offers a quiet and dreamy setting overlooking the Panathinaiko stadium, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Hellenic Parliament, the Acropolis and the entire city of Athens.

10. Kolonaki

kolonaki athens

(Image Credits: athensguide.com)

Visit the most elegant neighborhood in Athens, an upscale area filled with design boutique stores, stylish cafes, fashionable bars and chic restaurants. If you wish to see and be seen get ready to mingle with the crème de la crème of Athens.

11. Syntagma/Zappeion/National Garden

national garden athens

(Image Credits: naftemporiki.gr)

Discover the heart of modern Athens, marvel the parliament building and catch your breath in the National garden and the Zappeion Garden, both reflecting the glorious past of Athens.

12. Pnyka Hill

pnyka hill athens

(Image Credits: 2steps.gr)

Pnyka Hill was the place where the famous Themistocles, Pericles and Dimosthenis spoke to the people, a place still standing overlooking the Acropolis, Lycabettus and the sea. It is definitely worth the visit as the view from its top is simply breath-taking.

13. Dionysiou Areopagitou pedestrian walkway

dionysiou areopagitou

(Image Credits: holisticfitness.gr)

It one of the most frequented pedestrian streets in Athens, ideal for long walks in view of the Acropolis and Herodeion especially when the sun begins to set.

14. Mets

mets athens

(Image Credits: Pinterest, Maria Loukou)

The area of Mets is filled with trees and neoclassical buildings. It is considered by many as the greenest area in all of Athens. Walk around its pretty neighborhoods, enjoy traditional Greek food dishes at its underground taverns and explore the green side of Athens.

15. Apostolou Pavlou Pedestrian Street

apostolou pavlou athens

(Image Credits: aftodioikisi.gr)

Embracing the ancient “Agora” the Apostolou Pavlou Pedestrian street is a true Athenian neighborhood tracing its past. Wherever it is you decide to stand, look up as the Acropolis is always in sight.

So when in doubt of what to see or what to do while in Athens you can always take…a walk to remember!


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