Hydra: On your Mark…Jet, Set…Go!

Meet the artistic muse, the movie star, the slim fit of the jet-setset sail to Hydra Island.

Head for the centrepiece of the Saronic and Argolic Gulfs in the Aegean Sea and prepare for an echoing race of rushing landscapes and sounds of silence.

hydra Port


As cosmopolitan as pure the island of Hydra is sure to capture your senses at first glimpse. The picturesque harbour, the scenic promenade and sugar-cubed houses, the authentic hamlets and pebbled beaches with the crystalline waters set the stage for the most inspiring film shoot.


hydra castle


A setting scene that makes you feel as if starring in a world premiere with Elizabeth Taylor or Sophia Loren, two of the great admirers of this historic artistic colony. Navigating from a major naval base to a popular yachting destination, Hydra has been blessed with “fair winds and following seas”.


Sophia Lauren


Hydra island is dressed in the veil of nature, adorned with authentic mansions, museums, churches and a strand of restaurants, shops and galleries along the promenade that you are bound to discover on a donkey ride. For more excitement, nature calls for the most thrilling hiking, diving, water sports and snorkelling adventures.


hydra holidays


So close to Athens, the most idyllic weekend getaway awaits, an island so basic yet recognized as the crème de la crème of the Saronic group of islands.


hydra melina mercouri


Jet-Setters on your mark …jet, set… go!

Cycladia sails across to the island of Hydra!

Image Credits: Sofia Lauren image taken from simadiatouaigaiou.wordpress.com / Donkeys’ image taken from tampouloukia.gr


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