Northern Greece: an early summer break!

As June has finally come, our mind flies from everyday routine to our summer getaways…roll down the windows, turn up the tunes and set out on a road trip.

northern greece

Cycladia’s choice for a refreshing 4-day escape is Northern Greece: top rated beaches, secluded shores, top-notch accommodation and facilities, architectural heritage, cultural museums and sprawling acres of pine forests

Start your explorations with the enticing city of Thessaloniki encircling the gulf of Thermaïkos:  a lively metropolis elegantly showcasing the marks of its long-lasting history combined with an elegant cosmopolitan tint.

What to See

what to see in thessaloniki

Thessaloniki has never denied its cultural identity through its millennia of existence; instead it seems to boast of its many historical places: the churches of Acheiropoietos, the byzantine walls of the city, the archaeological site in 3 Septemvriou St. with remnants of a cemetery basilica and the White Tower, the hallmark of the city.

Do not miss to visit the state of the art buildings are the Royal Theatre, the Thessaloniki Concert Hall and the YMCA building, emerging from the city’ recent history.

What to Eat

what to eat in thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is renowned for its traditional cuisine influenced by Greek and oriental culinary flavours, with an emphasis on fish and seafood dishes; carps, sardines, mussels, calamari and shrimps, as well as salted fish, are sold daily in its markets.

Have your lunch or dinner in the district of the old oil market (Ladadika), the Krini seafront and Modiano markets, full of ouzeries (taverns serving fish and ouzo), each one offering a handful of own specialties within their unique atmosphere.  

Stay at…

where to stay in thessaloniki

The Excelsior luxury boutique hotel right in the heart of Thessaloniki

The eco-friendly City Hotel in the centre of the city

The coastal boutique hotel Daios Luxury Living

Your 2-day tour in Thessaloniki is through and you can now visit Halkidiki for a true sea n’ sun experience: a region perfectly combining the distinctive Greek light, unspoiled landscapes, magical colours and aromas; a place known for bringing to life all of your senses!

What to See

what to see in halkidiki

An unlimited choice of natural sceneries ideal for the admirers of unique landscapes: the picturesque village of Afytos, the enchanting natural cave of Petralona, the sacred land and monastery of Mount Athos and the crystalline, emerald waters of the lake Polychrono are only a few of the must-visit spots.

What To Do

what to do in halkidiki

Horse Riding: The pine forests of Halkidiki offer a great variety of special trails and paths, making the region ideal to be explored.

Climbing: The area of Loutra on Kassandra (Halkidiki) offer beautiful bouldering opportunities and high climbs of up to 100m right above the sea.

Jeep Safari: The area is full of forests, cliffs, long and sandy beaches, drift roads so choose your itinerary and there you go!

Stay at…

where to stay in Halkidiki

The 5 star hotel & spa Eagles Palace for its breathtaking surroundings of the mystique Mount Athos

The Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel, prominently positioned on the west coast of Halkidiki, Potidea, and harmonically encircled by the mythical Mt. Olympus

Northern Greece offers an all-in-one summer package brilliantly combining the island atmosphere with the convenience of mainland transportation and infrastructure.

Northern Greece is truly a place of dreams, and you dream has only just begun…

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