Spa it Up as a Child in Mykonos

What smell do you recall from your childhood memories?

The smell of fresh cut grass, the beach, the salty breezechocolate!


New Spa Haven


The luxury Casa del Mar Spa hotel in Mykonos takes you back through time, gathering the scents of your youth at its revitalizing spa & some of the finest beach villas in Mykonos, inviting you to awaken your childhood memories with chocolate therapies and spa rituals right by the dazzling seashore of Aleomandra.




The sun is out and the breeze is blowing, all you need to do is dive in the pool or walk to the private beach of these sea view luxury villas in Mykonos and bask the day away.




Treat yourself, children and loved ones to a pampering experience, relaxing massages, Jacuzzi baths and invigorating workouts that will get your heart pumping for thrilling excursions, yachting adventures or a vibrant stroll through the bustling streets of Chora, only 4 km away.




Slowly you realize that your inner child has grown and it’s time to prepare for a romantic seaside dinner and craft some new memories to cherish.

Take your pick from the enchanting collection of the Casa del Mar Mykonos villas and Spa it Up as a child because some things never change.




You are on the route of Cycladia, at Casa del Mar consider yourself right on track!

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