Summer’s North “Pole of Attraction” Part I

When you think of the North you get a chill from the icy cold that comes to mind even now that we are melting in the heat of August. What if North brought back memories of the summer, the golden beach and the open blue skies?

Then, you’d be in Greece!North Aegean

Let’s cruise to the depths of Northern Aegean and create the most sizzling memories of the “North”.

halkidikiHalkidiki-The sacred beauty of the North

Set off: from Athens to Thessaloniki by sea, air or road and then to Halkidiki by bus or car. The journey from Thessaloniki to Halkidiki lasts approximately 45’ to 1h and 30’.

Dive in: the crystalline waters of Psakoudia beach, Kavourotrypes, Possidi, Kalamitsi, Vourvourou, Kalithea, Ammouliani, Ouranoupolis.

Get a thrill: from the profuse natural beauty, the scenic village of Afytos, the stunning Marmaras and Nea Fokea resorts, the picturesque villages of Ormos Panagias and Nikiti, the natural cave of Petralona, the holy land of Mount Athos, the Aristotle Park, Polychrono lake, the ancient site and museum of Olyntos, Possidi lighthouse and Poligyros museum.

Grab a bite: of cock with frumenty, Louvidia green beans with scordalia (garlic sauce), pigdopiti (pie made of pork’s fat, lentils with octopus and rice, shepherd’s rizogalo sweet and stuffed squids.

Don’t leave without: buying some olive oil sweet preserves, a souvenir of local crafts and folkloric weavings and Sithonia wine.thassos

Thassos– The floating forest of Greece

Set off: from Kavala with a ferry boat and reach Ormos Prinou port, at Thassos, in approximately 1h and 30’.

Dive in: the emerald waters of Pachis beach, Metalia, Pefkari, Paradise, Skala Potamias, Kinyra, Alyki, Psili Ammos, Porto, Golden, Giola, Tripiti and surf at Astris beach.

Get a thrill: from the verdant landscape, the Acropolis and ancient town, the Archaeological, Theologos Folklore and Vagis Museums, the ancient theatre, the peninsula of Aliki, the art centre of Kalogeriko, the picturesque villages of Potamia, Theologos, Kazavitia and Kastro.

Grab a bite: of spicy pepper flavoured cabbages (piperolahana), sealed (sfragisto) stifado, octopus with cabbages, pumpkin pie, zucchini pie (paspalopita) and saragli dessert.

Don’t leave without:  buying some rose spoon sweet preserve, local wine, quality honey, royal pulp from honey, olive oil.samothace

Samothrace – The beating heart of the Louvre

Set off: from Alexandroupoli by ferry and reach Samothrace in approximately 2h and 30’.

Dive in: the emerald waters of Pachia Ammos, Karkani, Kipi, Vatos, Fonias, Gyali, Kremastos and Therma.

Get a thrill: From the Archaeological and Folklore Museums, the traditional settlement of Chora, the healing springs of Therma, the Sanctuary of the Gods, the unique church of Panagia Krimniotissa, the Vathres ponds and Fonias waterfall.

Grab a bite: of skewered wild goat, fresh fish and seafood, stuffed zucchini flowers and manti (dough pouches) and haslama syrup sweet.

Don’t leave without:  buying some apricot or wild plum spoon sweets and kaskavali (spicy yellow cheese).lemnosLimnos-The Island of the Amazons

Set off: from Athens or Thessaloniki by air and reach the island of Limnos in approximately 35’ or by sea from Lavrio, Thessaloniki and Kavala respectively in 10h and 30’, 9 hours or 4 h and 45’.

Dive in: Gomati beach, Agios Ermolaos, Kotsinas, Neftina, Keros, Kokkinovrahos, Louri, Skidi, Parthenomytos, Mikro Fanaraki, Diapori, Evgatis, Thanous, Riha Nera, Avlonas, Platy, Agios Giannis.

Get a thrill: from the Archaeological, Folklore and Sponge Museums, the parliament of Poliohni, the temple of Artemis, the archaeological site of Hephaestia, the Myrina castle, the dessert of Pachies Ammoudies, the petrified forest, the hot springs at Therma, Filoktitis Cave, the remarkable villages of Kontias and Romanou.

Grab a bite: of klikia cheese pie, rooster with tomato sauce and flomaria pasta, pumpkin pie with kalathaki cheese, venizelika chocolate fudge dessert, nut and sesame samsades, Katimeria cheese and honey snacks.

Don’t leave without: buying some Kalathaki, melihloro and kaskavali cheeses, local wine, salted preserves, honey, flomaria handmade pasta and venizelika.

We have been nourished by the spirituality of Mount Athos, we have hiked through the floating forest of Thassos, escaped in the sanctuary of the Gods in Samothrace and lived like the Amazons of classical antiquity…yet we have only covered half of the nautical miles for our journey. Prepare yourselves to enter the adventureland of Lesvos, pick tear-shaped drops of mastic from Chios, feel free like Icarus and prove the Pythagoras Theorem as we continue sailing to the North

Cycladia is on board, are you up for the adventure?



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