Summer’s North “Pole of Attraction” Part II

Hidden treasures, mythical paths, medieval castles and magical coves still remain uncircled on your map. Are you willing to expand an attempt to conquer the rest of the adventure trail of the “North”?


Pack your goggles, swimsuit, compass and enthusiasm and welcome on board!Lesvos

Lesvos-The Adventureland of the Northern Aegean

Set off: from Athens International Airport and reach Lesvos in 35’ or from the port of Piraeus and get to the island in 8 h and 30 min. or in 12 hours with a conventional boat.

Dive in: Skala Kallonis beach, Parakoila, Mikri and Megali Tsichranda, Petra, Vatera, Skala Eresos, Agios Ermogenis, Tsamakia, Molivos, Eftalou, Kanoni, Agios Isidoros, Gavathas, Tsonia, Melinda, Sigri.

Get a thrill: from the Castles of Mytilene, Mythimna and Sigri, the ancient theatre, temple and Makara, the Roman Aqueduct of Moria, the prehistoric settlement of Thermi, the ancient: temple of Messa, Andissa, port of Pyrra and Acropolis of Eressos, the towns and picturesque villages of Mytilene, Agiasos, Polichnitos, Plomari, Kalloni, Eresos and Molyvos, the great range of museums, scenic churches and monasteries.

Grab a bite: of Kalloni’s sardines, local liver with oregano, salted mackerel, lakerda fish, stuffed vine leaves, anchovies with salt, oil and vinegar, fried zucchini and saganaki shrimps.

Don’t leave without: buying some local ouzo, wine, olive oil, ladotyri cheese, morsels salted seafood, almond macaroons.Chios

Chios– The haven of Mastic

Set off: from Athens International Airport and reach the island of Chios in approximately 45’ or by boat from the port of Piraeus in 5-9 hours. The island is also connected with other airports and ports.

Dive in: the crystalline waters of Emporios beach, Vrontados, Lithi, Mavra Volia, Vroulidia, Komi, Agia Dynami, Daskalopetra, Vokaria, Elinta, Nagos, Managros, Salagona, Avlonia, Agia Fotia, Apothika.

Get a thrill: from the picturesque villages of Pyrgi, Olympoi, Volissos, Anavatos, Nenita, Thymiana, the castle of Mesta, Chios town, Kampos, the monasteries of Agios Minas and Agia Markella, the Archaeological, Byzantine & Naval Museum, Korais Library, the Genoese castle, the public garden, the ancient theatre, the bronze monuments of the unknown soldiers and the statue of Kanaris. Set off for a tranquil escape to the islands of Oinousses and Psara.

Grab a bite: of Gavros fish Kolympitos, Kopanistopitakia, sfougato omelette, koutsounades greens, tambourokeftedes (pumpkin balls), handmade pasta, liokafto (sundried fish), Avgokalamara (fried rice meatballs), lobster spaghetti, clams and all kinds of seafood, mastello cheese.

Don’t leave without: buying some mastic sweets and alcoholic beverages, honey, spoon sweets, soumada, rose water, flower water, mandarin juice, local ouzo and wine, Chios sausages, sun dried tomatoes, handmade pasta, Kopanisti cheese dip, mastelo cheese and handmade artifacts.4-Ikaria-seychelles

Ikaria-The island of Icarus

Set off:  From Athens international airport and reach the island of Ikaria in 35’  or by boat from Piraeus in approximately 7-9 hours. The island is also connected with other airports and ports.

Dive in: the dazzling waters of Nas beach, Livadi, Mesakti, Gialiskari, Kampos, Fytema, Partheni, Kyparissi, Aris, Agios Fokas, Iero, Faros, Ormos Nymfi, Kotsampi, Therma, Prioni, Seychelles.

Get a thrill: from life after midnight at Christos Rahon, the museums of Ikaria, Theosekpasti Church, Halari canyon, the Small and Large Dams, Mounte Monastery and the hot springs.

Grab a bite: of the local Soufiko vegetable dish, zucchini nuggets, chick-pea nuggets, fresh fish and seafood as well as some of the local pies.

Don’t leave without:  buying some rose spoon sweet, pine honey, kathoura cheese, Pramnios Inos (local wine).Samos

Samos-The birthplace of Pythagoras

Set off: from Athens International airport and reach the island of Samos in approximately 45’ or by boat from the port of Piraeus in 6-12 hours. The island is also connected with other airports and ports.

Dive in: the tranquil waters of Votsalakia beach, Kampos, Aspres, Agios Nikolaos, Agios Ioannis Eleimonas, Avlakia, Gagou, Pythagorio, Potokaki, Poseidonio, Karlovasi, Kerveli, Lemonakia, Kokkari, Tsampou, Chryssi Ammos, Plaka, Balos, Limnionas, Tsamadou, Psili Ammos, Mykali and Svala.

Get a thrill: from Pythagoras Cave, Samos Towers, Agios Isidoros’ boatyard, the archaeological sites of Ireo and Efpalinion Orygma, the wide range of museums, the towns of Hora, Vathy, Karlovasi, Pythagorio and Kokari, the picturesque villages of Vourliotes, Platanos, Stavrinides and Kontakeika.

Grab a bite: of fried pumpkin bourekia, boxadakia (fried stuffed eggplants), tourlou of mixed vegetables, crayfish casserole (giouvetsi), katimeria (mastic pancakes).

Don’t leave without: buying some local wine, ouzo and raki, honey, armogalo cheese, olive oil, local herbs and ceramic pots.

Cycladia’s compass is pointing to the “North”.

Are you ready to change the sign of the North on your Compass?

Make the arrow point to Northern Aegean and discover summer’s North “Pole of Attraction”. 

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