The 12 Months of the Dodecanese

From the sunny days to the misty fall, the winter chill and blooming spring the year goes round, around the 12 months destined for travels, travels to the 12 islands of the Dodecanese.


Every island has a unique character, a character that best unfolds during one particular month of the year.
Follow Cycladia’s calendar and discover per month the twelve islands of the Dodecanese one by one.


Karpathos Island : Embrace the authentic solitude


Escape the hassle of Christmas preparations in an island still honouring tradition and authenticity. Mingle with the locals that are still dressed in traditional costumes, taste handmade makarounes (pasta) and kopeles (triangular pies), stroll through the narrow alleys of Olympus, discover Limnioti cave and, if you dare, swim in the crystalline waters of Ahata beach.


Rhodes Island: Capture the Spirit of the Knights


It is time to escape reality and capture the spirit of the Knights in an island endowed with the grandeur of its past. Wear your mask and pass the gate of Grand Master’s Palace, get lost through the alleys in old town and dance to the music of the orchestras at the festival of masquerade.

Where to Stay in Rhodes Island
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Symi Island: Walk into the Scenic Landscape


Away from the crowds, enjoy the peaceful serenity and scenic beauty of your surroundings. Marvel the preserved settlement of Symi, visit Panormitis monastery and relish the local specialties, the smelt pie, the island’s rare type of shrimp and the akoumia donuts.


Patmos Island: Immerse in the Spiritual Atmosphere


Experience the Passion Week in Patmos, the island of the Apocalypse with the washing of the Disciple’s feet, the re-enactment of the Deposition from the cross, the celebration of the Resurrection and the Liturgy of Love. Walk through the alleys of the idyllic Chora, visit the cave of the Apocalypse and swim in the sapphire waters of Psili Ammos amidst the unrivalled natural beauty.


Kalymnos Island: Embark on a Climbing Expedition


Attend the International Kalymnos Climbing Festival between May the 22nd and the 26th. Follow the incredible limestone routes amidst delicate slabs and steeped caves and discover the island’s wonders. Visit the beautiful fiord in Rina and dive in the islands untouched beaches. Before leaving the island make sure to buy some natural sponges and try the local dishes of maouri (stuffed lamb), octopus nuggets and sundried lobster tails.


Leros Island: Treat your Family to a Quality Vacation


Untouched by tourism, Leros offers a haven of peaceful serenity. Marvel the amphitheatrically built towns of Agia Marina and Platanos, visit the Palatsinia at the scenic area of Lakki, walk through the tunnel of Merikia on your way to the War Museum and immerse in the shallow waters of Gourna beach. Taste Koukouvades mullets, gavafes fruit and sviggous donuts to enhance the already sweet memories you have collected.


Tilos Island: Soothe your Senses in an Island Refugee


Tilos is quiet and tranquil ideal for relaxation and hiking. Hike through the Ecological Park of Tilos and visit Eristos for a refreshing break in the calm waters of the sea. Escape the tensions of everyday life with a drink at the deserted Mikro Chorio and join the feast for the celebration of Agios Panteleimonas on July 27th where you can relish local specialties and local wine.


Astypalaia Island: Dance the Summer Away


Discover the beauty of simplicity in an island drenched by the sea and sun. Explore its wonders; visit the Castle of Querini, the Canyon of Agios Giannis, the caves of Negros and Drakos and the endless golden beaches. Quiet is not the word to describe its character since it is not as quiet as it seems, the island doesn’t lack the night life and if you are visiting in August make sure not to miss the music festival, it is totally worth it.


Kasos Island: Hideaway like a Pirate


Kassos is an island of tranquillity. Escape the noise of the city and hideaway at the pirate refugee of Mpouka. Swim in the exotic beaches of Armathia islet , visit the island’s caves and relax in view of the sea while relishing local specialties such as Kasian pilaf, Skaros fish, Makarounes pasta and roikio salad.


Nisyros Island: Feel the Volcanic Energy


Nisyros is a distinct island forming a magical lunar landscape. Stroll through the scenic villages of Mandraki, Emporios and Noikia, embrace the wild beauty of the island’s beaches, walk through the craters of the volcano and tour the Volcanological Museum which is one of a kind.


Kos Island: Follow the Sunshine


The sun always shines on the island of Kos allowing for exceptional holidays even in November. Walk through history, visit the impressive archaeological sites and monuments and if you are a winter swimmer plunge deep into Paradise. Explore the castle of the Knights, Asklipeio, Casa Romana, the Roman Odeon along with the Hippocratic Museum & Institute and delve into the treasures of the past.

Where to Stay in Kos Island
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Kastelorizo Island: Celebrate Christmas at Kastelorizo


Stunning, original, peaceful Kastelorizo is an island of natural grandeur. Pack your Christmas spirit and offer your beloved ones the most magical Christmas gift, a visit to Kastelorizo. The majestic blue cave, the picturesque beauty, the Castle of the Knights along with the island’s traditions and customs are sure to offer you the most authentic jingle bell memories.

A year in Greece is simply an extended holiday.

Get your calendars out, look at the month and pick your Dodecanese destination!


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