The rough diamonds of Greece!

The Small Cyclades group is found on the eastern part of the Cyclades, Aegean Sea, and consists in 6 small island heavens:  Koufonisi, Lower Koufonisi, Schinousa, Donousa, Iraklia and Keros. Scattered elegantly between Naxos and Amorgos, these 6 islands invite you to an escape like no other!

Perfect choice for relaxed moments in azure waters and undiscovered beaches, landscapes of impeccable beauty, dreamy destinations for island hopping or sailing, with the taste of fresh fish and homemade food. And like all precious diamonds, they too provide you with their own 5 Cs…

You will not find such crystal and transparent waters, inviting you to dive into an escape that will refresh your body and your mind! This part of the Aegean Sea is perhaps the most well-known secret of Poseidon, the mythological God of the Sea.

Dressed in white, decorated with the unique Cycladic architecture, surrounded by green-blue sea, these islands offer colours almost as rare as the black diamond. Different during the day, at the sunrise and the sunset or during the night, they promise to give you sceneries of incomparable beauty!

Measured not only for their unique landscapes but also for their incomparable ancient treasures, and their naturalist beaches, these islands definitely offer quality experiences of authentic Greek beauty. For every stone or pebble that you meet, there is a long history and many secrets behind it…discover it!

Carved by the gentle touch of the Aegean Sea, countless beaches and hidden coves are waiting for the most discerning travellers to explore them. Seen from above one would think that the most skilled craftsman has worked with all his creativity to reach such a result!

Cycladia, with its dedicated and passionate team, certifies that these unique diamonds of Greece comply with all the rules of the high quality holidays and promise you an experience full of precious memories and moments! The only thing you may accuse us of is that you will not find such sceneries in any other part of the world!

Let us introduce you with those amazingly beautiful small treasures of the Aegean Sea in just a few words!


If you are lovers of pure nature, then Donousa is the ultimate destination for you!

Beaches, like Kedros and Kalo Livadi are among the best places for camping and absolute relaxation. The peaceful turquoise waters all around the island capture your thoughts and wile your mind.

The thing is that Donousa combines everything in small quantities.

Cycladia suggests: apart from the wonderful beaches, there are some bars in Chora & one on Kedros beach where you can enjoy a refreshing exotic cocktail while feeling the Aegean aura embracing you. Also, a local boat makes the island tour on a daily basis, leading you to nearby beaches and virgin shores.


Wild natural beauty and virgin beaches become one on Schinousa where the high colour contrasts meet the lunar landscapes of the Cycladic morphology. Quiet and calm, Schinousa has to offer more than 15 heavenly beaches for every taste…no need to say that almost all of them are secluded and tranquil coasts for utter relaxation and total serenity!

Cycladia suggests: you should definitely visit Agios Vasileios, Almiros and Psili Ammos beaches.

Koufonisia (Upper & lower)

They are considered to be the most popular islands of the Small Cyclades group and, especially, the Upper Koufonisi is a place where holidays take a whole different meaning. Cosmopolitan and yet alternative, the Upper Koufonisi offers everything…unique accommodation, quality dining and, of course, irresistible coasts and amazing landscapes. The Lower Koufonisi is by itself what we call “a beaches’ paradise”. Untouched shores can be reached on a daily basis from the Upper Koufonisi promising an unforgettable daily excursion.

Cycladia suggests:  a visit to the sea caves located on the northern part of the Upper Koufonisi Island is a must-do just like the daily boat excursion to the Lower Koufonisi where human and nature harmonically meet again.


We cannot even choose among its shores…will it be the Tourkopigado cove, the endless sandy coast of Livadi or the turquoise hued Karvounolakos waters? Whatever it is, the outcome would be the same: you cannot even think of leaving them so be prepared: take supplies for the entire day!

Cycladia suggests: visit the cave of Agios Ioannis on the southern part of the island, which, despite being the biggest cave on the Cyclades, it has remained untouched from human exploitation and, thus, its natural beauty and ambience are kept intact.


According to one theory, this is the sacred island of the Cyclades and not Delos as the findings on it prove that this was an ancient place of worshipping and praying. But this is just a theory in contrast to the fact that Keros Island shares the amazing, virgin natural beauty of the rest of the Small Cyclades Islands. So, Cycladia’s team absolutely suggests a daily excursion to Keros and the assumption would be yours to draw!

You cannot wear them; you cannot buy them; you can only dare to “live” them!

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