Top 5+1 wine events to indulge your senses in Greece

Greece is an astonishing country blessed by the Gods. Besides its rich cultural heritage, Greece is known for its wealth of natural wonders, local products and regional wines of excellent quality, from the vines of our fertile land that has been cultivated since the 15th century B.C. Several Greek wine labels have received a significant number of awards in various international exhibitions.

Let’s delve into the roots of wine culture, sneak peek into the top 5+1 wine events in Greece and spice up our senses.


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The production of wine differentiates from place to place depending on the climate, the variety and the distinctive properties of the soil. There are many regions with widespread viticulture such as the Peloponnese, Crete, Central Greece, Macedonia and Thessaly. As a result, Greece organizes various wine events and festivals from time to time attracting both locals and tourists from all over the world.

On the occasion of the recent wine event “Great Days of Nemea” in the city of Nemea- one of the most important regions in southern Greece well known for the production of red wines- celebrating its 10 years of presence this September, Cycladia has gathered a list with some of the most significant wine events you should not miss:

1.  VorOina

The vineyards of Northern Greece have clearly earned the leading role at the Wines & Spirits Fair also known as “VorOina”  that has been organized by the wine producers “Wines of Northern Greece” for the past 10 years. The fair comprises of a series of events taking place for over a period of ten days from September 10th to September 19th in selected restaurants, wine bars and cellars in Thessaloniki and will culminate with the closing VorOina event on September 20th celebrating the season of harvest.

voroina 2014


2. Map of Flavours

Continuing with the largest wine tasting event in Northern Greece, at the “Map of Flavours” annual wine and spirits fair visitors will have the chance to savor a great selection of top-quality wines on the 29th and 30th of November between 13.00-21.00 at Warehouse C of Thessaloniki’s Port, organized by WinePlus. This event allows participants to become acquainted with the entire wine production process, meet the winemakers, taste wines and be informed about the latest news on wine and gastronomy.

map of flavours 2014


3. Oenokosmos

Remaining faithful to its appointment, Oenokosmos will once again welcome its beloved customers and partners at the Oenokosmos Wine Fair in Athens on September the 28th seducing guests to the annual wine tasting of the company’s finest products.


oenocosmos 2014
4. Wines of Peloponnese of course

Next “of course” comes the “Wines of Peloponnese”, the ultimate wine tasting event of the Peloponnesian winemakers, members of the Union of Wine Producers of the Peloponnese (ENOAP), organized every autumn since 2006 for its beloved consumers with great success. The event features selected wines from the 30 most famous wineries in the Peloponnese while some lucky visitors are given the opportunity to leave the fair with a fine bottle of wine. The event is organized by the wine communications company Vinetum.

wines of peloponese 2014



Likewise, after its first’s year’s success EXPOTROF returns for its second exhibition in the category of Greek food and drinks attracting both industry professionals and wine lovers of all ages. EXPOTROF is going to take place between the 30th of January and the 2nd of February of 2015 at the Olympic Fencing Center in Hellenikon, Athens.

expotrof 2014


6. Oenorama- Dionysia

Last but not least, two more exhibitions are going to be held during February and March – when the new crop is ready for bottling- Oenorama and Dionysia. These two wine events are regarded as the top wine events in all of Greece as they attract the largest number of participants, both wine producers and wine lovers. Oenorama is Greece’s oldest and leading wine trade exhibition, incorporating Oenotechnica, Greece’s most important viticulture and enology show. Oenorama has been going strong since 1994 and is being held every other year giving its place to Dionysia, a wine fair for the most eclectic consumers taking place every other year as well in Athens. and 

oenorama and dionysia 2014
Following the roots of culinary tradition every step of the way Cycladia welcomes you on a fragrant and flavorsome wine tasting journey…don’t miss your chance to savor the essence of our land!


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