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10 Best Organized Camping Spots in Greece

Camping offers you the perfect opportunity to live close to nature, to spend some quality time with your beloved ones and socialize with strangers. It is the perfect time to free your mind from any worries and agendas and simply go with the flow.

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Best Beaches in Greece

As summer reaches its peak, everything seems to magically evolve around holidays. No matter where you are or what it is you are doing, you can’t stop thinking of endless shorelines, sun kissed beaches and crystalline waters to simply bask in the sun and swim your worries away…you are secretly thinking of Greece and its unparalleled beaches.

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8 Spa Destinations in Greece

Spa holidays give you the chance to enjoy some quality time with your beloved ones, revitalize your senses, free your soul and experience the most relaxing moments while on vacation. So if you are seeking for the perfect place to treat yourself to a series of beauty therapies and wellness treatments but also to relieve anxiety, stress and muscular pain then plan a visit to a spa center in a mesmerizing landscape amidst the sea and sky that will certainly offer you more than a holiday…

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Summer holidays for all tastes in Greece. Part 1

A famous destination for summer holidays magically combining history, culture, tradition and gastronomy, Greece offers a wide variety of islands and mainland regions for all tastes, preferences and moods.

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The Blue Flag Beaches of Greece Win the World

Golden, white, exotic and tranquil, lacy and secluded, fully organized or remote, the beaches of Greece have conquered the world. Greece ranked 3rd out of 50 countries for the most ‘Blue Flag’ Beaches worldwide counting 395 beaches and 9 marinas in total for 2015.

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…Happily Ever After

It’s almost time for the big day and everything seems to be in order, everything other than the venue. You go through the magazines, the brochures and pamphlets and all of a sudden it simply makes sense… a picturesque chapel by the beach, a private reception by the pool, a honeymoon filled with authentic pleasures…Greeceis your dream venue.

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The Destinations of the Zodiac

Some believe that the signs of the zodiac can give us insightful predictions concerning our everyday life, our social, economic and relationship status as well as the future.

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