Check out the Most Exquisite Ancient Greek Inventions

This summer step into the depths of ancient history and uncover the inventions that Greeks contributed to the world.
For the months of June and July, Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology will be showcasing the most renowned hi-tech inventions of the ancient Greeks.


Get ready to discover our own input to the future of technology with cutting edge equipment from ancient Greece.


Housed in a historic Art Nouveau building that used to be the home of Queen Aspasia Manou, this exquisite permanent exhibition will be filled with hundreds of fully functioning technological instruments and replicas of ancient Greek inventions that have been built by using the exact same procedures and with the same exact materials as the originals.


Unveil a very unusual facet of the Greek culture and see up close some of the most famous ancient Greek inventions such as the Antikythera Mechanism and Plato’s hydraulic alarm clock.


Other replicas worth nothing are the Tetrantas of Hipparchus, the fourth quadrant of Hipparchus, a number of ancient musical instrument, handmade toys and Greek ships.


By using the latest audio-visual techniques, the museum increases the level of interaction with exhibits ensuring that visitors will be delighted by the experience and engaged by high-end technology.


The Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology also features a shop with miniature models and replicas of the exhibit handmade by the owner’s son.

Ready to discover some of the most spectacular ancient Greek inventions?



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