The most Intriguing Local Feasts and Festivals in Halkidiki

Featuring some of the most mesmerizing landscapes in northern Greece, golden sandy beaches, emerald waters and natural wonders, Halkidiki is considered a top summer destination. Besides its sheer beauty, Halkidiki is a mecca of happenings, of cultural events, feasts and festivals worth attending.


Let’s check out 10 of the most exciting Halkidiki festivals to attend over the summer.


1.The Waterdrop Festival

When: July 16-17th

Where: The harbors in Porto Carras


Organized by “The Lab Projects” for a third year in a row, the Waterdrop Festival gives guests the opportunity to partake in the most thrilling watersports adventures such as Bic SUP, Flyboard, Subwing and Wakeboard while listening to live music by some of the most famous musicians from Greece and the international scene of music.


2.The Fair of Agia Marina

When: July 17th

Where: Fourka


Organized by the Culture Association of Fourka, the Fair of Agia Marina welcomes guests to mingle with the locals over a feast with Greek music and dances taking place at the village’s central square.


3.Feast of Sardines

When: July

Where: Moudania


A week of celebrations paying tribute to local products and especially sardines. Visitors can taste some of the finest local sardines on the grill along with regional white wine. The feast is organized by the Cultural Association of Faros and the municipality of Moudania.


4.Olive Festival

When: last three days of July

Where: Olinthos


Celebrating the region’s most precious product, the olive, the Olive festival organized by the Cultural Association and the Local Council welcomes visitors to take part in a music concert while enjoying Greek tsipouro and local olives.


5. Kassandra Festival

When: July & August

Where: Theater of Siviri


The renowned festival of Kassandra is a celebration of arts, culture and music with songs, dances and theatrical performances by Greek and foreign artists.


6. Afitos Festival

When: July & August

Where: Afitos


Afitos Festival aims to entertain locals and visitors alike with a series of festivities and events including traditional Greek dances, live bands, street art as well as classical and contemporary music concerts.


7. Festival of Sea

When: July & August

Where: Nea Moudania


Under the open sky and against the backdrop of the azure of the Aegean sea, this incredible festival features some of the finest theatrical performances and music events in the region.


8. Byzantine Tower Festival

When: July & August

Where: Nea Fokaia


Honoring their origins, of folklore and Asia Minor traditions, the locals present a unique exhibition of paintings, theatrical performances, concerts and dances rooted back to times gone by.


9.Varvara Festival

When: August 2-3rd

Where: Varvara


Set on the slopes of the mountain, this festival welcomes guests to experience life in a rural area with a beautiful climate and exceptional natural beauty while attending a series of spectacular musical concerts.


10. Feast of Agios Mamas

When: First Week of September

Where: Agios Mamas


An old fashion trade fair with cultural events, concerts, musical performances and feasts with local products and grilled meat awaits all guests visiting the region.

This summer experience the lively atmosphere of Halkidiki and embrace its culture and traditions by attending some of the regions most exciting feasts and festivals.

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