Well-being in Greece by Cycladia

Living the good life is a state of mind. An attitude towards the best aspects of life… An attitude towards these authentic moments that may come up unexpectedly filling us with joy and mere bliss.

The holistic approach to life is deeply rooted in the ancient Greek idea of wholeness. For the Greeks, physical, moral and intellectual excellence, all described by the single word areté, were considered inseverable. Inspired by this balanced integration of the needs of the “whole” person, Cycladia presents you the best places to experience the wellbeing in Greece.

Yoga retreat in Mani (Peloponnese)

Experience the union between your mind, body and spirit. Choose your favourite yoga retreat destination and reach the ultimate level of awareness. We suggest visiting the south region of Peloponnese, where the picturesque village of Mani is located. Villa Manuela & Villa Juliet offer an idyllic and tranquil environment, nestled in the very heart of nature.

Life coaching in Sporades islands

Life coaching may sound as the latest trend, the new American habit but it is still inspired by disciplines including sociology, psychology and mentoring. It is an attitude, representing a positive way of thinking and might help us reach our centre and fill our everyday lives with bursts of energy and good mood. Skiathos, an island with sandy beaches and pine trees for a back drop, is only one of the picturesque complex of Sporades where you can find life coaching programmes.

Spa weekends in Cape Sounion (Athens)

Feel the energy of the mythical temple of Poseidon and nourish your mind and body in an indigenous journey of senses. Sounion is only 1 hour away from the busy centre of Athens, fusing the traditional aspects of the ancient Greece with the modern international spa trends. Most of the hotels nearby offer serene and lavish villas that provide you with all comforts.

Traditional Mediterranean cuisine in Crete

From virgin olive oil to crisp vegetables and from fresh fish to high quality meat, Crete is a renowned destination to gourmet aficionados and people living the good life. Ever since antiquity, the traditional diet of Crete seems to have been of eminent importance, including all the right ingredients and blending traditional values with the needs of modern life. Chania, Heraklion, Rethymnon or Lasithi, the choice is yours. Take your pick and discover all about the healing Cretan gastronomy.

Hiking and walking on Amorgos island (Cyclades)

Start your way from the Monastery of Hozoviotissa, cross the path between high towers and impressive cliffs and follow the rocky paths of this outstanding island. Discover the rich fauna and gaze the endless blue sea in the overwhelming silence of Amorgos.

Swimming in Milos island (Cyclades)

Milos is part of the Cyclades island complex, featuring a surreal and dramatic shoreline with colourful rock formations that reflect the island’s volcanic origins. It’s the perfect island to swim around and energize yourself with innumerous azure beaches and caves to explore. (Don’t forget to visit Sarakiniko, Agios Konstantinos and Papafrakas beaches.)

Get in touch with your creative side in Sifnos island (Cyclades)

Be inspired by the intense, striking light of Greece… Let the undulating landscape of Sifnos, the sea and the summer breeze wash away the dust from your soul and engage yourself in creative activities like stoneware pottery or painting. Can you imagine a better place to express your secret talent?

Living the good life in Greece doesn’t have to be extravagant. You just need to be authentic and embrace your passions!

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