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Discover Athens on a Scooter

Athens is one of the oldest cities of the world capturing the glories of the past in its ancient monuments, architectural marvels and artistic grace. A city fusing the past with the modern era and the legends with contemporary spirit. A collection of picturesque neighborhoods, historic sights and attractions, shopping districts, culinary destinations and a vibrant nighttime scene only a breath away from some of the most stunningly beautiful beaches of Attica.

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Outdoor Winter Thrills in Greece

In Greece, there are plenty of choices regarding winter outdoor activities and sports. The country’s exceptional climate and geomorphology allow travelers to both enjoy some of the most invigorating activities while at the same time discover a breadth of scenic landscapes.

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Summer holidays for all tastes in Greece. Part 2

Continuing the summer travel guide to the best Greek Islands, Cycladia uncovers the rest of Greece’s hidden gems and preferred destinations.

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Conquer the waters, defy the air

The geomorphology of Greece is ideal for every kind of sport; sea, rivers, lakes, cliffs, mountains are all there waiting for you to have a pinch of adrenaline.

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