Travel Sporadically

The summer has flown by and some of us didn’t even get a chance to go on vacation since our everyday life has become so demanding. Long holidays are no longer an option for the majority but it is essential for everyone to rest and get away from it all.


So, if long summer holidays are not an option, you can always travel Sporadically.

Cycladia welcomes you to the insular complex of the Sporades where you could travel sporadically throughout the year.



Alonissos – A Diver’s Dream

You can reach the island of Alonissos from the harbour of Volos, Agios Konstantinos and Evia(Kymi) during the high summer season in 2,5-4,5 hours. As soon as you arrive you will be amazed by the verdant landscape, the peace and tranquillity.

Escape the summer heat with a dive in the crystalline waters of Agios Dimitrios beach, Chryssi Milia as well as Kokkinokastro and explore the rich seabed with the hundreds of shipwrecks from the ancient times.

If you are lucky you could meet the most endangered mammal in Europe, the Mediterranean Monachus Monachus seal.

Visit the picturesque Chora, the National Maritime Park of Alonissos, the impressive Historical and Folklore museum, the ancient pottery workshop in Tsoukalia and the MOm exhibition centre.

Perk up your appetite with fresh fish, stuffed kalamari, dishes with fresh tuna fish, the traditional cheese and spinach pies and make sure to taste the mouthwatering spoon sweets.skiathos


Skiathos -A Paradise on Earth

You are about to discover your paradise on earth with more than 60 stunning beaches and imposing trees covering 70% of the island’s surface standing only one hour and a half away from the ports of Agios Konstantinos and Volos.

Swim in the emerald waters of Koukounaries, Troulos, Poros, Kolios, Platanias, Lalaria, the Blue Cave & Dark Cave, Asselinos and Megali Ammos and sit at a seaside tavern to enjoy some Skiathian cheese pie, crawfish with cabbage, monkfish stifado and octopus with fava dip.

As the day passes by it is worth visiting the monasteries of Evagelistria and Kounistra, the House of Papadiamantis and the Castle.

Enjoy your coffee at Bourtzi in view of the harbour and get ready for a night in the town. Sit at the famous Skalakia where the vibrant nightlife takes place and mingle with the locals as you move to the rhythm of the town beat.



Skopelos -A Mamma Mia Destination

Since you are a sporadic traveller make sure to choose a Mamma Mia destination for your excursion.

Verdant, tranquil, yet lively the island of Skopelos only two hours from Agios Konstantinos and five hours from Volos is the place for you.

The cerulean waters of the sea and gorgeous beaches of Milia, Andrines, Kastani, Hovolo, Limnonari, Staphylos, Panormos and Velanio invite you to dive into pure peacefulness.

Bring along some famous local cheese pie or traditional onion pie to curb your appetite until dinner when you are advised to taste the local goat with quince or the blackfish stew with onions.

For dessert make sure to try the avgato made with local plums.

For the rest of the day stroll around the capital and the picturesque village of Glossa, visit the Venetian Castle and Folklore Museum and climb up the 100 stairs to the scenic church of Agios Ioannis.



Skyros -The Lobster Island

Affordable and easily accessible from Evia only an hour and a half from its port, the island of Skyros is a heavenly destination for peaceful escapes.

Kalamitsa, Pefkos, Sarakino, Glyfada, Molos, Gyrismata and Aspous are some of the beaches you would want to swim in.

Make sure to ride a Skyros horse at the Aris Plateau, stroll through the scenic streets of Chora, visit the Kastro, the Archaeological Museum, the Faltaits Historical & Folklore Museum, the church of Agios Nikolaos in Pouria, the Nifi natural springs and the Three Boukes Bay, resting place of the famous English poet Rupert Brooke.

Make sure to try the lobster spaghetti (astakomakaronada) since the island is known for its lobsters, the tyropitari pies and the roasted goat. For dessert, Kydonopasto and tiganites are totally worth a taste.


Sporadic travel is another way to escape your demanding reality, to unwind, relax and open your eyes to a different way of living…living Sporadically in the depths of the Aegean.


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