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Top Naturist Beaches in Greece

If you feel that you’ve had enough with all the “must do’s” and “have to’s” going on in your life maybe, it’s time for you to escape from your everyday routine. Time to leave your worries and anxiety behind and find your way back to nature.

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Romantic Walks to Remember in Athens

The city of Athens is like an art gallery from different eras, capturing the perfect proportions and balance of Greek idealism, the romance and charm of the renaissance, the splendor of baroque, the neoclassical grace, the natural light of impressionism, the futurism of Picasso and the fresh expression of pop and postmodern art.

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Discover Athens on a Scooter

Athens is one of the oldest cities of the world capturing the glories of the past in its ancient monuments, architectural marvels and artistic grace. A city fusing the past with the modern era and the legends with contemporary spirit. A collection of picturesque neighborhoods, historic sights and attractions, shopping districts, culinary destinations and a vibrant nighttime scene only a breath away from some of the most stunningly beautiful beaches of Attica.

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Solo Travel in Greece

This summer you are about to travel solo, make your own decisions and see the things that you wish to see at your own pace. You are thinking about travelling to Greece alone, but where? What is it that you seek the most? Which Greek island matches your profile?

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The Mastic Museum in Greece

Another Museum Gem in Greece

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10 Best Free Camping Spots in Greece

We recently gave you some ideas for the best organized spots in Greece.

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10 Best Organized Camping Spots in Greece

Camping offers you the perfect opportunity to live close to nature, to spend some quality time with your beloved ones and socialize with strangers. It is the perfect time to free your mind from any worries and agendas and simply go with the flow.

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Into the Wild of Athens

Imagine being in the bustling city center of Athens, the cradle of civilization and in less than 40 minutes magically transit from civilization to wilderness. Leaving the vendors, the street markets and fast pace of city life behind to surround yourself with species likely to be encountered in far lands, marine mammals and reptiles, birds and zebras.

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Top 4 Shopping Malls in Greece

Shoppers the world over are well aware of the best destinations to shop. You would go to Milan for a fashion dress, to Paris for an expansive fragrance, to Rome for a designer’s outfit and to New York for a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes. But what if the world came to you? What if you could buy anything you imagine without ever leaving your city or while on holidays in Greece?

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2017 Easter Hotel Offers in Greece

Easter, also known as Pascha is a religious festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Christ and has been linked to Passover, as they both signal a time of redemption.

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Tips for your Babymoon in Greece

Couples often feel that a pregnancy signals the end of a “couples only” time, of a romantic vacation or a spontaneous getaway just for the parents.

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10+1 Sips of Greek Coffee

Greece is listed in the top 15 list of coffee consumption throughout the world despite its significantly small size compared to other countries. Drinking coffee in Greece is not only part of our everyday routine but more of a ritual, it is our time to relax, to read a book, play a set of backgammon, catch up with friends or simply sit back at any of the traditional cafes in Athens and watch the world go by. It is a vital part of our culture, our tradition and heritage as it goes back many generations.

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The Top 10 Castles of Greece

In a land of Kings & Queens, Masters and Knights there could only be a great number of fortresses, castles, palaces and fortified towns counting to more than a thousand, rich with history, heritage and tradition.

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The Best 24 Restaurants in Greece for 2017

Every year, the Golden Chef Cap Awards that were first introduced in 1992 by Athinorama vote for the best restaurants in Greece. A group of connoisseurs and specialized journalists travel throughout the country in order to savor, experience and evaluate the best gastronomic proposals according to the international rules of restaurant evaluation.

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Best Carnivals in the Greek Islands

If you find yourself wondering around the islands of Greece during February don’t be alarmed if you encounter a witch, a dragon or a fairy on your way. Most likely they will offer you candy or ask you to dance and join them at the celebrations of the Greek Carnival.

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