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Tips for your Babymoon in Greece

Couples often feel that a pregnancy signals the end of a “couples only” time, of a romantic vacation or a spontaneous getaway just for the parents.

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The First Large Aquarium in Greece

Greece is a country well known for its rich aquatic life, its natural underwater treasures and majestic seabed. It was only natural to combine its resources, technical expertise and long lasting heritage of marine life and introduce to the world the first large aquarium in Greece: CretAquarium.

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Top Destinations for your Autumn Holidays in Greece, Vol 2

Greece is a country popular for its natural beauty, its amazing landscapes and hospitality warmth, its cities, villages and islands worth visiting all year round.

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Santorini Caldera through the eyes of Katikies Hotels.

Emerging from the depths of the seas like a lost Atlantis, Santorini Island provokes powerful emotions, from the moment one approaches the imposing Caldera, amongst the natural wonders of planet earth, created 3.500 years ago by a fascinating volcanic explosion in the Aegean Sea.

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